🍃🍑Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome to PeachTea

HNI_0060  HNI_0090

It’s a little old now, but I’ve loved my copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf since I picked it up on a whim the January before last.  I hadn’t played an Animal Crossing since Wild World, so there were many welcome changes in New Leaf, and before I knew it I had logged over 600 hours running around PeachTea, got all my dream villagers, and became an Animal Crossing tycoon on Bell Tree Forums.

Image heavy post to follow — Without further ado, let’s take a tour of PeachTea!

Mayor Blooper

Welcome To PeachTea!

If you’re new to New Leaf (ho ho) you should know in this iteration of Animal Crossing, when your player character first steps off the train, he or she is elected mayor of the entire village.  That means that instead of only being able to decorate your house, you’re free to decorate the whole town.  The native fruit of PeachTea is the apple 🍎 (ironically not the peach), so I went with a Zen town theme to harmonize with the red of the apples.

🍵☕️Not tea, but still…

Many players choose to decorate their town with paths, even though they’re not an established feature of the game, and they’re kind of a pain to place.  I really loved these tatami path tiles for their simplicity (only takes up four pattern slots) and versatility (don’t need to change tile colors for the different seasons).

Another really cool feature of this game is the ability to customize your mayor’s clothing with the pattern tool and QR codes, allowing you create and share nearly infinite possibilities for outfit options, sometimes with hilarious results.  You can also put the patterns to good use in your house with customizable furniture.

House Exterior

Of course, interior decorating has always been at the heart of the Animal Crossing series and this installment is no exception.  You house can have a maximum of six rooms, which you gradually expend as you save up the bells (currency).  For my rooms, I choose to have:

🎉Party Room🎉
Japanese/Minimalist Bedroom 🎏
🌸Outdoor Bath🌸
💙💛Colton Obsession Room💛💙
✨Goddess Bath✨
🔮 Occult Crossing Basement 🔮

It was a lot of fun to collect all the items I needed to create these rooms, and then to customize the items to make the rooms truly original.  In addition, whenever I StreetPass someone, it’ll send a copy of my home to their game for their perusal; likewise, I was able to get a lot of inspiration from people I had StreetPassed.

HNI_0013  HNI_0021

Of course, it isn’t Animal Crossing without the animals.  In my village, I currently have Agnes, Boone, Clay, Blanche, Phoebe, Colton, Marshal, Fang, Flora, and Chevre; and I love them all dearly.  However, I do play favorites, and my favorite villager, hands down, is Colton.  Total hasubando material!  💖 The best thing they added in Animal Crossing: New Leaf was the Smug type villager: a flirtatious, princely type who prances about the town providing the manservice  I never knew Animal Crossing desperately needed.  But the fine developers didn’t stop there; whereas I seem to recall the animals being rather mean to the player in previous Animal Crossing titles, in New Leaf, manservice has spread to almost all animal personality types, to the point where an Animal Crossing otome wouldn’t seem too far out of the question.

💖 Examples of Manservice in Animal Crossing: New Leaf 💖

Okay, to be fair, some of those are totally my fault, since you can make the villagers say whatever you want as a greeting and catchphrase, but still, look at all of these hasubandos!  I probably could have filled a whole post with just manservice and squee from this game.

Custom Designs and Dream Address

For those of you who actually play Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I’m posting some of the custom pattern QRs I made.  Also, if you’re interested in seeing more of PeachTea, I’ll post my dream address here:


Custom Pattern Gallery (click to enlarge + use arrows to toggle):

Currently Drinking 🍵🌙 – Quangzhou Milk Oolong from DavidsTea


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