💖Anime to Watch: Brothers Conflict

Hi all, welcome to my first post about anime!

At first I was going to call these posts Anime Reviews, but then I realized that there was no way I was going to waste my time writing about animes that I didn’t recommend anyone watch.  So, without further ado, he’s an introduction to one of my favorite shows when I’m in the mood to enjoy squee: Brothers Conflict!


Premise: Ema Hinata is a high school student and only daughter of a famous adventurer, who decides to remarry a (strangely young and beautiful) woman with 13 (very different looking) sons. For some reason, the sons live together away from their mother in a giant apartment complex in metropolitan Japan, and Ema is sent to go live with them.  For reasons.  Of course, they’re able to afford this giant apartment complex in the middle of Tokyo because all the brothers have successful careers like doctor, lawyer, rock star, hairstylist for rock stars, voice actors, video game company executive, etc.

So, yes, the plot is a little contrived, but who cares about that anyway?  We suspend our disbelief so we can take a look at the, uh, brothers.

You wish your brothers were this hot. Actually, no, you probably don’t. 😬

Since this isn’t a review, but I still want to rank something, I’m gonna introduce and rank the brothers.  I’m sorry in advance if I don’t give a good ranking to your favorite brother, it just means that he’s all yours!


The oldest brother is Masaomi, a pediatrician who seems to act as the default head of the Asahina household.  The show doesn’t spend too much time developing a romantic relationship between Ema and Masaomi, probably due to the age difference (He’s supposed to be 31 and she’s 15).  He seems to be caring and sweet and really busy being a doctor.

Can we just talk a second about the cat slide sandals that are in this photo?  Ho-lee shit those are BANG on-trend outta control!  I want a pair for me and everyone I know.

Ranking: 😻😻😻 3/5 Cat w/ Heart Eyes Emoji


The second Brother is Ukyo, and even though he is a busy lawyer, he is still treated as the “mom” of the Asahina household.  He has time to do all the cooking and laundry and keep track of all the boys’ schedules.

Like Masaomi, the show doesn’t spend too much time developing a relationship between 28-year-old Ukyo and the much younger Ema, aside from this weird cooking scene where he teaches her how to cut meat (?) Yeah, whatever.  Incidentally, Ukyo is shown drinking tea in every episode, so he’s probably a pretty good guy. 🍵

I had trouble finding a good picture of him, so I’m guessing he’s not a fan favorite.

Ranking: 😻😻 2/5 Cat w/ Heart Eyes Emoji


Kaname, the third brother represents the lecherous monk trope made popular by that one guy from InuYasha, and probably some others too (okay, I admit, I don’t really watch too much anime).

It seems like he’s interested in Ema specifically because she’s his little sister.  Also, it seems like he’s part of a group of other handsome monks who make sexy calendars and have needy and demanding female, uh, patrons.

Ranking: 😻😻 2/5 Cat w/ Heart Eyes Emoji

Nope, this is not the wrong image, and yes this is still Brothers Conflict.  This is Hikaru, the crossdressing novelist, and 4th brother of the Asahina Family.

Personally, I’ve got no love for this brother, and it has nothing to do with the crossdressing.  He just shows up to the house unannounced, isn’t even part of the competition, and starts getting into everyone’s business.  Zero points for nosiness and interrupting scenes of what would otherwise be perfectly good squee.

Ranking: 0/5 Cat w/ Heart Eyes Emoji – Say No to Nosy!

Tsubaki, the 5th brother, is a voice actor, along with his twin brother, Asusa, whom he is almost never apart from. 

He’s super cheerful and a prankster sort who loves playing tricks and teasing his siblings, especially Ema.  He can also be quite pushy, particularly about 💖 romansu 💖 but somehow it isn’t too creepy (remember, you’re already watching a show about a bunch of guys who spend all daydreaming about dating their stepsister; creepy is extremely relative).

Ranking: 😻😻😻😻😻 5/5 Cat w/ Heart Eyes Emoji!

Asusa, as mentioned above, is Tsubaki’s twin brother (what, can’t you see the resemblance?  No?  Me either…) and also a voice actor.

Asusa is the yin to Tsubaki’s yang.  He’s the calm and collected glasses guy, who’s serious without being a wet blanket, and it always there to let Tsubaki know when the jokes have gone far enough.  Every annoying friend you know needs an Asusa.  Everyone needs an Asusa.  Even you need an Asusa (as if you needed me to say so, just look at him! 💖)

Ranking:  A Well-Deserved 😻😻😻😻😻 5/5 Cat w/ Heart Eyes Emoji!

Natusme is Tsubaki and Asusa’s fraternal triplet!  Surprise!  He appears to be some kind of game company executive, but it’s possible he’s just a regular worker at the company.

Natsume lives alone but still finds time to meet up with Ema to discuss the beta of his game and other things. He’s blunt, but encouraging and of course is madly in love with Ema.  He also has two cats, which he named after Tsubaki and Asusa, for some reason.

Ranking: 😻😻😻😻 4/5 Cat w/ Heart Eyes Emoji

Louis, the 8th brother, works as a talented hairstylist, and does hair for both Hikaru and for his pop-star younger brother, Fuuto.

Soft-spoken and caring, Louis is one of the few brothers who seems more concerned about acting like a brother than acting like a lover to Ema.  He can also understand Ema’s pet squirrel, Juli, and forms an alliance with the overprotective pet to protect Ema from the other brothers in the household.

His outfit would look totally nuts on anyone but an anime character.

Ranking: 😻😻😻 3/5 Cat w/ Heart Eyes Emoji

Okay, not a full body shot, but I had to include this picture because Subaru is blushing all the damn time!

Even though he’s super shy, this college basketball star is the first to officially declare his feeling for Ema.  Every scene with Subaru is deliciously awkward, the way good squee should be.

Ranking: 😻😻😻😻 4/5 Cat w/ Heart Eyes Emoji

To be honest, I almost completely forgot to write about Iori, the princely 10th brother.  He hardly ever shows up during the show, except to give some kind of circumstantially appropriate flower (e.g. Iris symbolizes good luck in the language of flowers).

From what I’ve read on the wiki, this is probably because Iori’s back-story in the novels is pretty dark, seems he’s some kind of psycho suicidal yandere type.  Not my kind of prince.

Ranking: 😻 1/5 Cat w/ Heart Eyes Emoji – Who Are You Again?

Yusuke is Ema’s classmate, and is a typical delinquent, bad-boy type.  He had a crush on Ema before he knew she was going to join his family.  He’s also surprisingly dopey, often shouting things out only to sulk in shame moments thereafter.

It’s worth noting that every single man I’ve watched this show with has claimed Yusuke to be his favorite brother.  Usually, they say it’s because he’s the only characters who seems legitimately bothered (and not excited) that she’s now his stepsister, and that makes him more relatable.  I think my guy friends might just be relating to Yusuke being a lazy slacker though. 😛

Ranking: 😻😻😻😻 4/5 Cat w/ Heart Eyes Emoji

Futo the 11th brother is a pop-star and a serious sadist who enjoys insulting Ema and coming up with ways to “punish” her.  No two ways about it, this 15-year-old has seen some shit, because he is straight up creepy and inappropriate at just about every conceivable turn.

Ranking: 0/5 Cat w/ Heart Eyes Emoji – No Means No!

Last, but not least, is 10-year-old Wataru, who dreams of becoming a CEO and a man worthy of his big sister’s (romantic) love.  Yes, even him.

He shares a very close bond with the eldest brother, Masaomi, and is very childish, since, you know, he’s a child.  Also, I’d like to see more little boys wearing pink striped thigh highs with such aplomb.

Ranking: 😻 1/5 Cat w/ Heart Eyes Emoji – Only thing weirder than making out with  your brothers is making out with your prepubescent brothers.

Okay, that’s everyone.  That took a lot longer to type than I thought; since I’m tired now, I’ll leave you here with a link to the extremely catchy opening theme (I get it stuck in my head all the time).

If you wanna watch, you can find it subbed on Hulu (I know, boo, hiss, Hulu’s ad service is the worst) and I heard Funimation is going to be releasing the English dub Fall 2015 if, like me, you don’t mind dubs and localization.

💖 Enjoy the squee! 💖


5 thoughts on “💖Anime to Watch: Brothers Conflict

    • Oops, I guess it’s totally possible to reply to comments here. I figured it was but I didn’t see it, lol. Yeah, it’s a really good show and totally worth watching (if you like to be embarrassed). I’ve never heard of The Wallflower, maybe I’ll have to check it out!


      • Yeah, you just have to make sure your notifications are on to see replies made back to you on other people’s blogs. I came across the manga for The Wallflower about a decade ago. When I read the synopsis for this, The Wallflower came to mind.

        Very absurd situation, 5 handsome boys get to live rent-free in a mansion. The boys’ are all discovered by the girl’s aunt. Their goal is to turn her wallflower of a niece into a lovely young lady. However, if they fail to do so, they have to pay.


  1. I completely agree. Who cares about the plot when you have all these gorgeous hot guys to ogle at, right? Anyway, congrats on your first anime blog post. Keep on ogling hot guys. . .I mean watching anime. Cheers!


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