☀️Summer Cleaning Series: Grooming Products 💄

Hey guys!  Time for another installment of my summer cleaning series! ✨  As I mentioned before, it’s important to have a nice habitat in which to drink tea and play your games when it gets hot outside.  No caves for us!  So, now that you’ve already cleared out your wardrobe and made it easier to get dressed and look sharp; let’s move on to phase 2: cleaning out your grooming products.

For the sake of this post, grooming products include makeup 💄, perfume, cologne, hair products and tools, soaps 🚿, lotions, and medicines 💊.   Alright, let’s get started!

Step 1 – Haul it out.

Just like last time, it’s important to get a visual of all the stuff you have before you start throwing things away (or deciding to keep things).  Try to find all the different bathrooms, drawers, bags, cars, cabinets, and other places where you might have grooming products lurking.  Remember that you can’t use it if you can’t find it.  Also, hot places like your car are NOT ideal storage spaces for many grooming products, so get those out of there ASAP.

Step 2 – Check for Expiration

Sometimes this can be tricky, because it seems like everyone has a different opinion about when something expires (and some seemed to be informed by the industry people who would LOVE 😍 if you bought a new x,y, or z every few months).  I’ve listed a few of the ways to tell if something is expired below, but follow your best judgement and when in doubt, throw it out.  Nothing is worth getting sick over just because you didn’t want to give it up or buy another one!

  • Smell it! 👃 Expired stuff tends to smell different because of bacteria growing inside.
  • Look at it! 👀 if stuff is changing color, separating, drying out, or growing mold (!!!) pitch it!
  • If it’s broken or otherwise damaged, either find a way to fix it or toss it.
  • Look for an expiration date on the bottle.  This should be a no-brainer, but most drugs have expiration dates to tell you when the product might be less effective.  Personally, I don’t need medicine very often, but when I do I want it to work super fast, so I try to toss old medicines by their expiration.
  • Look for the period-after-opening symbol.  The number inside tells you how many months it’s good for after you open it.  If you can’t remember approximately when you opened the container…you know what to do. 🚮

Step 3 – Do You Wear/Use this?

This is pretty simple.  If you never get around to using that shampoo, wearing that lipstick, spraying that perfume, etc. because it always looks weird on you or isn’t as fun and exciting as your newer products, consider letting it go.  If it’s a new or unopened package, consider giving it to your family or friends (only if you’re sure they’ll appreciate it and won’t take it the wrong way.  Think about how you’d feel if someone “gifted” you some deodorant! 🎁)  If it’s old and opened, toss it out.  Having special occasion items is okay, but for the most part try to keep only what you love and feel good about using on an everyday basis. 💙

Step 4 – Put it Back!

Before you just throw it all back in your drawers, take a moment to clean the bottle or container of any dust or product residue.  Similarly, clean out the shelf or inside of the drawer where you were storing the items and put them away nicely, so the labels can clearly be seen when you’re ready to use them again.  If you have so much stuff you can’t see everything when you open your drawer or cabinet, you probably have too much stuff!

In general, I think cleaning out your grooming products is less traumatic than cleaning out your closet, but I’m not a big-time makeup addict like some people!  Of course, cleaning out your grooming products is important for your health and can also have great benefits for your skin.  For extra credit today, I recommend taking a bit of time to clean the grooming tools you use every day, like makeup brushes, hair brushes and dryers, and maybe even replacing your toothbrush. After all, when you take good care of your things, they take good care of you.

That’s it for today.  Last step, as always: Step 5 – Treat Yourself to Something Nice.  You deserve it!


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