☀️Summer Cleaning Series: Basic Cleaning Routine ✨

Alrighty guys, if you’ve been following my advice so far, you should be in pretty good shape with your wardrobe and grooming supplies, so now it’s time to take a look at the rest of your surroundings.  Now, if you’re used to having a mess around, it can be pretty daunting to clean it all up, so I’m going to outline 4 levels of clean and a routine for each one.  Obviously, everyone has different needs and this is just what works for me, so feel free to add more tasks (like cleaning out the kitty litter box, etc.) as needed.  Hope you’re ready, because we’re about to get started!

Rank C

Rank C is basically the minimum level of clean that you should pursue.  It’s a suitable level of clean for hanging out at home by yourself, drinking tea, playing games, whatever. You probably should do these tasks as needed daily.

1. Make your bed

Yeah, yeah, I know.  Why make your bed when you’re just going to get in it later tonight?  The same reason you use toilet paper, even though…well, you get the idea.  Your bed is a big part of your bedroom, and straightening out the sheets is a great way to bring up the look of the whole room.  Plus, it can help you wake up in the morning by making it harder to go back to sleep.  Make your bed every day.

2. Put everything away

Everything you own should have a home (and no, I don’t mean that one drawer or closet where you put everything you don’t know what to do with).  So, if you’ve got anything just laying around on the floor or open surfaces, pick it up and put it away.  Simple as that.

3. Do your dishes

Yep, if you leave dishes out, they get cruddy, sticky, moldy, or attract pests 🐀.  You’ll also have less dishes available for when you want to eat snacks or drink tea.  Do your dishes every day.

4. Wipe the counters

No explanation needed.  Sticky counters are gross.

5. Sweep the floor

I love walking around barefoot and hate stuff sticking to my feet.  👣 So I think it’s good to sweep up daily.

Rank B

Alright, now we’re getting a little more serious here. Rank B is the kind of clean you’d want before you have friends over to your house (to drink tea and play games, of course).  Obviously, everything form the previous rank should be done already.  I’d say it’s good to shoot for this level of clean about once a week.

In the Bathroom

  1. Throw your old towels in the wash and put out fresh ones
  2. Scrub the toilet, shower, and sink
  3. Empty the bathroom trash (men: please buy a trash can for your bathroom, trust me)
  4. Mop the floor
  5. Wipe down the mirrors

In the Bedroom

  1. Throw your sheets and pillowcases in the wash (Helps prevent acne!  Seriously!)
  2. Wipe down surfaces
  3. Vacuum
  4. Do your laundry (and if your clothes are clean, put them away!)

In the Kitchen

  1. Check your fridge for old or expired food
  2. Take out your trash and recycling (you’d better have a recycling bin! 🌍🌲♻️)
  3. Wipe down the sink, fridge, stove, cupboard doors, and trash can.
  4. Mop the floor

Rank A

So you’re a cleaning master and looking for advanced techniques?  Here’s a couple to pull out when you’ve got guests coming from out of town, or maybe a hot date ❤️.  I would say this type of cleaning should be done maybe once every season.

  1. Wash your actual pillows, not just the pillowcase (And know when to get new pillows!  If they are yellow do NOT let them mellow; buy new ones!)
  2. Turn your mattress.  If it has a pillow on both sides, just flip it over; if not, turn it horizontally until your head will rest where your feet used to.  This helps increase the longevity of your (expensive to replace) mattress.
  3. Check your pantry and freezer for old or expired food.  If you can’t tell what that ice crusted…thing is in that bag, it’s a good sign that it’s time to chuck it. ❄️❄️❄️
  4. Wipe out the inside of your fridge, walls, and switch-plates around your house.  I personally like to use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for wall dirt.

Rank S

Ready for the ultimate clean?  I usually reserve this stuff for the holidays or to have a Japanese style New Year 🎍, but it could totally be done at any point you feel like you’re going through a major life change and need a little distraction or a fresh start (e.g getting married 💍, a recent breakup 💔, etc.)  I’d say you probably shouldn’t bother with most of this stuff more than once a year, but whatever floats your boat! ⛵️

  1. Clean out your personal care products 💄
  2. Clean any hard-to-reach places (e.g. behind the fridge, ceiling fan blades, etc.)
  3. Wash your windows inside and out (lets extra light in!)
  4. Clean out your drawers and closet.
  5. Organize your personal files and paperwork.  Be sure to take care of any outstanding obligations before filing them away!
  6. Clean upholstery on things like your couch and office chair.  You might need to rent a steam cleaner to do a good job, but sometimes specialized cleaners and a vacuum can do the trick well enough too.

Yes!  That’s everything.  If you manage to do everything on this list, your home is gonna be so clean it’ll sparkle ✨.   Of course, even if you only get to Rank B, you’re still going to be way more comfortable playing tea and playing games in your clean house.  Cleaning can be a nice way to relax, and a bit of a workout as well, so I encourage you all to grab a rag and get busy!


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