👑 Favorite Games – Super Mario Bros. 3

Yes!  The iconic NES game is still one of the greatest Mario games in existence, even over 25 years after its release.  I don’t assume there are too many people who haven’t seen or played this historic masterpiece, so I’ll just cover a few things that make this game so great in my mind.

Colorful Game Design

Compared to its predecessor, the original Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 3 really got its graphics game together.  The game looks fun and inviting, and the level setup (overworld + levels) added in innovative way for gamers to travel with Mario and feel more immersed in the Mushroom Kingdom.  It also added a way for gamers to choose when to take a break from all the platforming action with mini-games.

Great Music

Did you know that the melody of the SMB3 airship theme was inspired by the Mars portion of The Planets Orchestral Suite by Gustav Holst?  I always dig a good Mario theme, and Mario 3 is full of them.  I just love how iconic and nostalgic the soundtrack can be.  For instance, when you entered a level and heard this, you knew some shit was about to go down.  For the longest time I had the World 1 Grassland theme as my ringtone because it just makes me smile every time I hear it. 💛


With Mario 3, the world was first introduced to Bowser’s seven bastard children!  Before there was Bowser Jr., there were these guys, making trouble in every world and turning kings into dogs and other animals (which were ALWAYS cuter than the actual kings).  I’m really glad to see these guys making a comeback in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, as well as Mario Kart (though I don’t think they ALL needed their own character, a skin would have done just fine.)

If you somehow missed this awesome piece of gaming history, you can still play it easily by downloading it from the Nintendo eShop on the Wii U and 3DS for $5.  It’s well worth your time and money!  Enjoy! ❤️


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