I made a Summer video game playlist on 8Tracks 🎶😎🌴

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 7.44.41 PM

✧°✦△▼Shifting Sands

Go listen to it, okay? 🙂


2 thoughts on “I made a Summer video game playlist on 8Tracks 🎶😎🌴

  1. I just finished listening to the whole thing, and I LOVE IT! I’ve been on an 8Tracks kick lately anyway, so the fact that you made a super cool playlist made my day. I ‘ve been contemplating on whether I should sign up on it or not, ’cause I’ve got plenty of ideas to go around for playlists, so I gotta ask, is it easy to make one, a playlist I mean?


    • It’s easy to sign up, but it’s not THAT easy to make a playlist. I had to find everything I wanted to put on my playlist on YouTube and then do YouTubeToMp3 to download and then re-upload them to 8tracks (and rename them all). I also didn’t want to steal anyone else’s artwork for my cover, so I ended up compromising by using Photoshop to pixelate a cool desert scene I found. There’s a chance it’s not that hard and I just don’t understand how to use the software though 😛

      That said, I got a playlist with everything I wanted and nothing annoying 😊 Even though it’s a bit of work, I’ll be making a fall one soon, I was up late last night listening for songs with that coffee shop sound ❤️ 🍂☕️


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