Hanging my New Wall Art

Well, the title is misleading, as the wall art is not new, and I am not the one technically hanging it, but opining from the sidelines and writing a blog post.  You know, the hard work.

I purchased this poster at Fanime and bought a frame for it shortly thereafter (I’m against posters without frames, just looks cheap, imo)  Obviously, it’s from one of my favorite games, Fire Emblem: Awakening.  The work is called “Peace” by hasuyawn on DeviantArt (click the image to go to the work).

One thing I really love about Fanime versus PAX or other gaming conventions is the Artist’s Alley, where you can can buy fanart or even have some commissioned.  It makes the whole experience seem like a community thing (rather than an advertising AAA games thing) and you can go home with a one-of-a-kind artwork.

Here are some examples of things I’ve commissioned:


This was a drawing of me by Mamoru Yokota, Animation director of Death Note who was a guest of honor at Fanime 2010.


I felt bad requesting this one, because the artist looked really uncomfortable until I reassured her I didn’t want her to draw any ~parts~  Poor little Chrom looks so embarrassed ❤


This was my most expensive commission, and I’m not sure why.  Chibi Colton, check it.IMG_0651

This is my latest, one of me as giijinka Jirachi.  The face is a little manlier than I’d like to believe I look like in real life, but I really like the soft watercolors.


Hee hee, last but not least, Chibi Marth.  So cute!

I highly recommend seeking out fan artists at your next convention and supporting the community.  If there are no conventions coming up near you (probably, since most seem to happen in the spring and the summer), I suggest browsing around on Etsy to find a nice poster, pillow, jewelry, fridge magnets, planter box, or other art.  Just remember not to hang your art too high!


One thought on “Hanging my New Wall Art

  1. My god that first art by hasuyawn is amazing! I love buying posters and artwork all the time (have far, far too many) and have only started actually framing my favorites this year (mainly due to not having money, which I still don’t really XD). And you are right, they look so much better with frames!

    Also love browsing artists alleys and areas at conventions, there is one in my city called AVcon, and anime and video game convention, and they always have amazing artists throughout it. Easily one of my favorite parts of conventions is just browsing through them and finding something unique!

    Anyway hope they look great in your home! 😀


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