Linkle: An FAQ

Hi all,

It’s come to my attention that yesterday’s announcement of Linkle, the female Link lookalike, during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct has caused a lot of confusion among fans, so I’d like to take a moment to answer a few of the questions I’ve been hearing the most.

Q: OMG, how could they do this?

A: People have actually been clamoring for a female Hero for a long time, since Link has always been meant to be a “blank slate” style avatar that “Links” you into the game.  The player is supposed to BE Link, so it makes sense that female players would want to BE someone who looks like them.

Q: God, is this some kind of SJW bullshit?

A: Maybe.  That depends, are you a social injustice warrior?  How about we just worry about Hyrule Warriors?

Q: Why would they mess with a beloved, established character from the 80’s?

A: Linkle is portrayed as her own character.  She is not any of the Links. (Link, of course, is not just one character)

Q: Linkle is a stupid name.

A: Not a question, thanks for sharing.  It DOES sound a bit like Tinkle….Tingle…kaloo-limpah.

Q: Does this mean the Legend of Zelda series is ruined now?!

A: Nope.

Q: Is that Zelda?

A: No Grandma, Zelda’s the princess; but thanks for bringing me hot chocolate and always taking an interest.  You’re the best.

Q: Why did they have to go and sex her up?  Why does she use crossbows instead of a sword.  This is some sexist bullshit.

A: Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t.  Linkle is coming to us as part of Hyrule Warriors which has…uh, this lady.  And some other baffling choices (having super huge boobs on a skinny body just means they are awkwardly long).  Also: Link himself is kinda…you know, sexy.  Let’s not forget the very best part of Twilight Princess:

Yeah…looks determined AF

So Linkle is cute, because many girls want to play as cute girls, and many guys want to look at cute girls, and hey…in video games almost everyone is supernaturally attractive.

As for the crossbows, my guess is that is has more to do with variety than gender roles.  Impa, who is a woman, uses the biggest sword around. Link (and by extension, Young and Toon Links) uses a sword. Tetra will use a curved sword. Ghirahim and Fi ARE swords.  Ganondorf uses TWO swords. Zelda’s got a rapier, which is kind of like a sword.  Maybe it was just enough swords?  Linkle looks like a competent young lady, I bet she could use a sword if she wanted to.

What do you think about Linkle?  Did you find the announcement confusing or exciting?  Let me know in the comments!


One thought on “Linkle: An FAQ

  1. I did not hear about this before reading your blogpost (I’m so not up to date.) but I think it is amazing. I love the character design. Especially the crossbows actually. The name is a little weird, but overall I love the idea of a female link. I really enjoyed reading your views on this! Amazingly worded.


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