Why I’m not going to play Persona Q anymore


Enough already, I quit.  I’m a grown-up adult and I have just had enough.

I was really excited for this game after finishing Personas 3 & 4.  I searched though piles and piles of clearance garbage to find this game when it went on sale at Target, spent the better pat of an hour agonizing about whether to be the P3 or P4 main character, and dove right into the game.  But now…I’m stopping.  Why?

Main Issue: Ridiculous Repetitive Raging Hordes of Random Encounters

You know what was nice about the random dungeons in Persona 3 &4?  The enemies were ugly black blobs that you could…run away from if you didn’t want to fight.  It’s not 1999, nobody is doing forced random encounters anymore because they are stupid.

This game is rate M, for mature.  That means most of the people playing the game probably have jobs, and thus limited playing time.  I, personally, do not have time to grind on the hoards of the same half-dozen shadows in various permutations that hound me every 7-10 steps.  Sure, it was fine in the first 2 dungeons, when the encounter rate was manageable but by the time I reached the 4th dungeon, it was miserable.  Not hard, tedious.

 Secondary Issue: Puzzle Problems

This game uses FOEs (visible monsters with predictable movement patterns that will straight kill you if you run into them) to force players to solve puzzles.  It’s not like I’m too stupid to figure out a puzzle (most of the time), but sometimes when you’re in the middles of solving a puzzle, you’ll get ambushed by a random battle and the FOE will JOIN THE BATTLE, forcing you to run.

This wouldn’t be so bad, except it warps the stupid FOE right next to you, ruining your progress in the puzzle and forcing you to warp out of the dungeon (because it would easily catch up to you if you just tried to move away).  This means I lose my dungeon progress and have to fight probably 2-3 more stupid random battles just to get back to where I was trying to solve the puzzle in the first place.  I have better things to do Atlus!

Tertiary Issue: Caricature Characters

Along with the exaggerated chibi looks this game has given the characters, it has also given them chibi personalities.

I mostly play games for storyline, and part of what made Personas 3&4 so beloved was the nuanced story arc of each person in your party.  Everybody had his/her own desires and secrets and etc.

In this game, not so much.  It seems the creators of the game took one or two aspects of a character’s personality from the original games and made it the ENTIRE personality in PQ (e.g. Akihiko loving protein, Chie loving meat, Teddy being a pervert).

It was fun watching the characters mix and mingle in various ways, but I thought some of the character treatment was a little lazy (particularly Teddy…the impression I got in P4 was not that he was ACTUALLY a pervert, but that people seemed to think getting attention from girls or “scoring” was somehow desirable, and he naively wanted whatever was considered desirable)

Strangely, considering all of this, I feel weirdly guilty for quitting a game without finishing it.

Have you ever quit a game without finishing it?  Did it make you feel guilty too?


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