Anime To Watch: No Game No Life 🎮


No Game, No Life is a comedic semi-adventure anime which follows Sora and Shiro, a brother and sister duo of NEETs (Not involved in Education, Employment, or Training), who form an unbeatable gaming team known as “Blank”.  Because of their amazing prowess at games, they are eventually invited into a world of games by the god of gaming himself.  In this world, all wars (and killing, in general) are forbidden and all disputes must be settled by games.

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Anime to Watch: Love Stage!! 💖

I first heard about Love Stage!! after reading an anime review on Kotaku, and I’m glad I decided to give this uncomfortable yet ultimately satisfying anime a watch.

Love Stage!! follows Izumi, a shy, die-hard otaku whose whole family is in show business.  The story begins when Izumi is a small child and his mother, a model, is working on shooting a commercial for Happy Wedding Magazine.  When the little girl who is supposed to catch the bouquet 💐 does not appear for the commercial shoot, Izumi’s mother volunteers her young son to dress like a girl to finish the commercial.

The difficult experience of acting on screen is traumatic for the shy child, and he resolves to never go into show business, instead wanting to become a manga artist, despite having no talent for drawing. The problem begins when his costar, a little boy from the commercial who has now become a mega-star, agrees to do a 10-year anniversary re-shoot of the commercial with the stipulation that the cast has to be the exact same as it was 10 years ago.  thus, Izumi is pushed into show business once more for the sake of his family’s desire to work with Japan’s most trendy idol.  Little does Izumi know, this idol, Ryoma, has been in love with the little girl he shot the commercial with ever since he met her.  Little does Ryoma know that the “little girl” is now a teenage boy.

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Anime to Watch: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club 🐬🐳

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club is a fantastic anime in its second season that follows a group of four boys who love swimming and start a competitive swim team at their school. 🏊

I, for one, had a ginormous little girl crush on my very first swim teacher, who was probably as old as the high-school guys in this anime are supposed to be.  But to 7-year-old me, he was so cool, and so buff, and could swim, and held all my pool floaties.  It was love, I’m telling you. ❤️With Free! I’m able to relive a little of my childhood past.

Ostensibly, the series is about this:

But most fans can tell you the series is actually about this:

These boys are fiercely competitive underdogs with a rival school, so you can expect lots of emotionally-charged drama with collar grabbing, clothes ripping, and other fine instances of the “totally-just-competitive-about-swimming-and-not-sexual-tension” variety.  It’s a treat to watch 🍭!

This anime is great because it has a typical sports anime story which is engaging enough to keep you (and whatever hetero men who may live in your house) interested in whether the boys will win or lose, but also lots of silly stuff, and embarrassing squee with half-naked buff guys.  It might even make you want to work out and go swimming this summer.  💦

Below, I’ll introduce the boys and provide a link for your watching pleasure.  Enjoy!

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