Gamer Fuel: Satiate your Snackbeast 🍜🍨🍰

Sorry Doritos and Mountain Dew, when it comes to gamer fuel, you’re officially off my menu!  Whether I’m mayoring it up in Animal Crossing or talking tactics in Fire Emblem; sometimes I need to take a break and recharge. But instead of reaching for an energy drink or something that might leave orange residue on my beloved 3ds, I prefer to cook. 🍴

I actually really enjoy cooking, but I get that it’s not everybody’s jam. I made these recipes cards (using PowerPoint, lol) out of recipes I’ve seen around, tried out, and then tried to improve by reducing steps, eliminating ingredients, etc.  As such, each recipe should be pretty easy, even for a novice cook.

Before we move on, I should say that I made these recipe cards for personal use AGES ago.  I tried to attribute where I got the recipe and/or images where possible.  Of course, some blogs vanish overnight, and some recipes are just too generic to go back and look up.  If you see something on this page that looks like it’s your IP and you don’t feel it’s properly attributed, please let me know and I’ll do what I can to fix it!  Similarly, if you want to reblog these images, feel free, but link back to me, please and thank you! ❤️  I put a lot of hard work into my silly little PowerPoint project.

Also, I’m not a food blogger and don’t intend on becoming one; it’s a crowded field and my photography skills are absolutely abominable.  I’m just a girl who likes to eat good food and wants to share the love with others.

Enjoy the yum! 💝

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