Playlist Prevention!


Well, normally, I would have had a nice, winter-themed video game playlist for you today, but 8tracks has decided to be a butt.

Part of their terms states that you can’t have more than 2 songs from any one artist…but apparently “Nintendo” counts as an artist.  Now, several of my playlists have been moved to private (where I can’t even listen to them myself), and I can’t publish my latest one.

Needless to say, if I can’t have more than 2 songs that have ever appeared on a Nintendo console, the idea of a video game playlist on 8tracks is basically dead.

So, if anyone knows of a service that is a little more reasonable where I can upload my own tracks and make a playlist of you all to listen to, then let me know so we can all have something nice and wintry to listen to.

Thank you!


Happier Holidays: 9 Kinds of Gifts You Should Never Give Anybody 🎁


Okay, Halloween is over, that means there’s only 53 days left until Giftmas!  It may seem like it’s too early to start talking about it, but yesterday when I went to Target to pick up Halloween candy, the Christmas aisle was already looming large with plastic inflatable snowmen behind the gutted and ravaged Halloween aisles.  Like it or not, it’s coming.

This morning, I’ve been thinking about what makes something a good present versus a bad present.  Of course, the holidays are not all about presents and it’s better to give than to receive but, let’s get real.  I think we’ve all been disappointed at one time or another by a bad gift, or worse, ourselves given a bad gift or two.  For better or for worse, gift giving is ingrained into the very social construct of the holiday, and it is unavoidable.

What is avoidable, however, is giving bad gifts and/or being shitty about it.  So here’s what I came up with for gifts that you should probably never get anybody:

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My Nordstrom Personal Shopper Experience: A Mixed Bag

Ladies and Gentlemen, fashion is hard!

With the advent of fast fashion, trends come and go so quickly that even fashion people might be getting tired of fashion.  Obviously, that makes it 10 times as hard for a normal person to figure out what to wear; trying to look trendy and stylish without buying a bunch of soon-to-be-ugly pieces that will fill up your drawers, empty your wallet, and leave you disappointed.

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Hanging my New Wall Art

Well, the title is misleading, as the wall art is not new, and I am not the one technically hanging it, but opining from the sidelines and writing a blog post.  You know, the hard work.

I purchased this poster at Fanime and bought a frame for it shortly thereafter (I’m against posters without frames, just looks cheap, imo)  Obviously, it’s from one of my favorite games, Fire Emblem: Awakening.  The work is called “Peace” by hasuyawn on DeviantArt (click the image to go to the work).

One thing I really love about Fanime versus PAX or other gaming conventions is the Artist’s Alley, where you can can buy fanart or even have some commissioned.  It makes the whole experience seem like a community thing (rather than an advertising AAA games thing) and you can go home with a one-of-a-kind artwork.

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The Good-Looking Gamer: Taking Care of Yourself 💋

I can’t believe how fast Summer is going, we’re already right in the middle of August which means two things:

  1. It’s almost my birthday! 🎂
  2. Fall is right around the corner 🍂

Now, if you know anything about the fashion cycle, then you probably already know that September is one of the biggest months for fashion and beauty.  The September issues of fashion magazines are roughly 3 times the size of the regular issues and they are jam-packed full of advertisements fashion know-how.

To keep myself inspired to do things, every month I pick a “theme” of things to work on.  It just so happens my theme for this month is “bringing sexy back”, so I’ll be outlining a few tips to bring a little sexy back for yourself well ahead of schedule.  If the idea of a full makeover is a bit much for you, you’re not alone; I’ll be breaking it down into different levels just like I did with the cleaning routine.  Enough talk, let’s get to work looking faaabuulous. ✨💎👑 (You too, men, let’s do this.)

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☀️ Summer Cleaning Series – Your Digital Life 📱

This is going to be my last summer cleaning post, so I decided to make it a super important, super comprehensive one.  When most people think about cleaning, they think about physical stuff.  Of course, since a lot of us spend a great deal of time on the computer, our phones, the internet, etc, it’s important to keep those “spaces” clear too, particularly if you’re getting ready to go back to school in the next month or so.

I have a Mac and an iPhone, so I’ll be focusing mainly on how to do things from that perspective, but I think most of these tips are fairly platform-agnostic with minimal tweaking.  This is probably going to be a super long post, so let’s get going already.

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